Flash in the Pan

Flash is a type of web design code that can do incredible things that normal web pages just can’t accomplish. If you want to make a beautiful, interactive, memorable end user experience, you build in flash. It’s expensive, but boy is it cool.

The problem with flash is that all apple powered mobile devices can’t read a single line of it.

Sadly, there are tens of thousands of local flash based websites out there. This is a problem because of the following:

SOURCE: http://www.infoworld.com/t/ipad/ipad-effect-produces-surprising-browser-share-results-174785

The graph above shows you that safari is the dominant browser for mobile, with a close to 60% market share. In other words, 3 out of 5 mobile searches are down on Safari, and the mobile safari browser does not render flash at all.
While Android is doing its best to get its share, you can see Safari is growing at a larger rate in the past few months than Android, so the trend seems to be that safari will just keep getting more and more users.

This flash problem is not going to get better – it’s going to get worse!

Using flash on your main web page is fine, but without having a mobile enhanced site available you may be missing over 50% of the mobile traffic to your web site.

Google has come out and pretty much said you will not rank as well as other web sites that have a mobile friendly site, and you will end up paying more for local search pay per click advertising than someone with a mobile friendly site

Mobile browsing is growing exponentially, especially in the local markets. Your customers will be looking for you… will your web site be ready?

Why do I Need a Social Media Manager?

Social MediaSocial Media Marketing is more than a trendy buzzword. It has become an intimate way that the stuffy corporate America of yesterday has been able to open up and connect with their customers in a new way as never before. Social Media Marketing especially gives the small business owner the ability to connect on a personal level as the “corner store” shop owner did in years past.

More and more companies realize their traditional media advertising dollars don’t bring in the return on investment they used to, due in part to DVR’s allowing people to skip commercials on television, more people getting their news online and on their mobile devices, as well as the increasing reliability of local web searches replacing the traditional yellow pages.

Social media usage saw an 82% increase last year in time spent on these types of sites; more people than ever are spending their time online in this venue. This flourishing transition to Social Media has moreover produced opportunities for an occupation that did not exist just a short time ago, the Social Media Manager.

Everyone is going social; not only Fortune 500 companies but any small business such as dentists, mechanics, painters, marriage planners. These businesses urgently want to be a part of social media, but are unaware how to run a social media campaign, and furthermore don’t have the time to spend on Facebook or Twitter.

Many businesses are looking to get an online and social site presence, but lack the time and knowledge to self-implement a strategy; here lies the demand for the Social Media Manager… people who are already experts on Social Media and will get results faster with less effort than a business owner could.

But what do Social Media Managers do? Apart from creating and implementing your social media strategy, they are your brand’s online manager and perform tasks like:

1. Cleaning up your Twitter communications and weeding out the spam messages, leaving the messages that are critical to you, or routing them to the person or department able to assist them.

2. Blog integration with social media accounts for appearance and content distribution; and in some cases Search Engine Optimization and blog content creation and consulting.

3. Working to grow your network or followers. An active, and interactive, social network presence with quality content is the key to social success. It’s all in the numbers, the more people on your network the more people see or read your messages.

These tasks can get pushed to the “back burner” as the day to day needs of your business arise, even though they generally take only one to three hours to do. Employing someone full or even part time would not be cost effective; while doing this yourself or using a current employee to do it might not produce good results due to a lack of knowledge or time constraints. Hiring a consultant to do it for you, obtains results faster and more economically, as you concentrate on more critical aspects of your business.

Social Media ROI