Switching the kitchen light on reveals skittering brown bodies fleeing, disappearing into tiny cracks and crevices. The cockroaches have moved in with you. These opportunistic insects thrive in dark, moist environments; water and a few crumbs are enough to attract them into the cleanest home. While vinegar is sometimes mentioned as a natural remedy to roaches, white household vinegar is better used to clean your counter tops than as an insecticide.

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1. Boric Acid on Its Own


Blown into cracks and crevices with a hair dryer set on low, or sprinkled along the walls behind appliances, the boric acid particles cling to the cockroaches’ feet. When the roach grooms itself and cleans its feet, it ingests the powder, which interferes with the insect’s metabolism.


2. Sugar and Boric Acid


Mix equal parts sugar and boric acid. Sprinkle the mixture along the roach trails or brush it into cracks inside and behind cabinets. The roaches eat the mixture and the boric acid poisons them. Boric acid also desiccates insects, drying them out and killing them.


3. Boric Acid Bait


Mix equal parts boric acid, flour and sugar with enough milk to make a paste. Place the bait in small, disposable containers behind appliances and in the back of cupboards. The roaches eat the bait and scuttle back into their hiding places, where they die. Other roaches eat the dead roaches or the poisoned droppings and they also die.



    • Wear a dust mask, safety goggles and gloves when working with boric acid powder. While it is relatively nontoxic, the mineral dust can affect your eyes and lungs.
    • Keep boric acid baits out of reach of children and pets.


Cockroach Traps


The University of Nebraska-Lincoln suggests using jar traps to capture and dispose of cockroaches. A glass mayonnaise jar provides the trap. A thin layer of petroleum jelly smeared onto the inner slanted shoulders prevents the cockroaches from crawling back out of the trap. Drop a small piece of banana peel into the jar. At night, the roaches will swarm into the jar. In the morning, put the lid on the jar and put it in the trash.

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Seeing bugs in your home can conjure up images of disease and filth, especially when you see a large number of them. The tiny black bugs that emerge from your bathtub and sink drains are commonly known as drain flies, although some call them drain moths, filter flies and sewer flies. Although drain flies generally do not transmit disease, you will want to remove them from your home permanently in case they do.


  • Biocontrol Network: DF5000 -- Drain Fly Gel

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